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Fit Foods signs an Exclusive Agreement with Ajinomoto

Vancouver, BC – April 2009 – Fit Foods Ltd, the Canadian manufacturer of PVL, Maxx Essentials, North Coast Naturals and other brands, signed an exclusive supply deal with the world's largest amino acid manufacturer, Ajinomoto, based in Japan.

Jim McMahon, CEO of Fit Foods explains "Ajinomoto is the world's #1 authority on amino acids; they invented the fermentation techniques and hold over 60 patents worldwide. I could not be more excited to have our products certified AjiPure by Ajinomoto – this is indeed a huge honour for us."

McMahon goes to share that his brands have been using Ajinomoto product for over 10 years; "When it comes to quality, Ajinomoto is light years ahead of all the other amino acid suppliers. For example they own the processes to make the purest Glutamine by fermenting beets. Many other amino acid suppliers still use human hair to make their aminos. It is these differences that make the new AjiPure logo, something to be coveted by brands around the world. We are thrilled to be the first and only brand in Canada to have this exclusive honour."

The AjiPure logo certifies the product uses only 100% pure pharmaceutical grade amino acids manufactured by Ajinomoto of Japan. Many brands such as Maxx Essentials and PVL have long used Ajinomoto amino acids exclusively in their formulas. However, there was no way to have the product properly differentiated from other non-patented manufacturers of amino acids. The AjiPure logo is only on the products that pass through Ajinomoto's rigorous quality control. Retailers and consumers alike will know which brands meet the quality and efficacy expectations that a true health food product should deliver.

McMahon adds "Quality is what all health food products need to deliver. The AjiPure logo as a seal of approval on our brands shows our thousands of loyal customers around the world, that we mean it when we say 'Quality Counts'."

The AjiPure logo will be seen on Canadian brands made by Fit Foods, the only Canadian manufacturer to qualify for the AjiPure program. Products will include L-Glutamine, BCAAs (branch chain amino acids; L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine), L-Arginine, and other amino acids. The AjiPure logo on the following brands: Maxx Essentials, PVL Sports Nutrition and North Coast Naturals.

Fit Foods Ltd. was founded in 1996 by President and CEO Jim McMahon under the name PVL Nutrients. Fit Foods formulates and manufactures sport nutrition and healthy lifestyle products in Vancouver, British Columbia. The extensive line of protein powders, meal replacements, weight gainers and healthy lifestyle products has earned Fit Foods international recognition for superior tasting, quality products and a leading position in the market place. Fit Foods brands are distributed worldwide in more than 56 countries from the manufacturing plant in Vancouver. Recently, Fit Foods has become a full distribution company acquiring the exclusive rights to several brands including CLICK, TOCHA Tea, Ripped Freak, JSK Pro, Herbal Clean, and Advanced Genetics.

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