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At Fit Foods we take very seriously the health and safety of our employees. During this unprecedented extraordinary time, in addition to our other usual safety protocols, we have enacted FURTHER measures to help keep our employees safe.

From the very start of the notification of the virus the company has been proactive. We have made a significant number of changes and adaptions to the facility; such as limiting the contact of people, adapting new processes, and the purchase of additional cleaning supplies, hand-sanitizing products, masks, and other protective equipment. This has all been done with one focus and goal in mind — to increase the safety of our employees!

Entry to the facility is limited; access is only permitted by government bodies and by others when only absolutely necessary.

Our safety culture starts right from the interviewing process.

We require any individuals including employees to self monitor their health before entering the facility. For those who have been exposed or who have developed symptoms of Covid-19; they are not permitted to not enter the facility, they are required to stay home and self isolate for fourteen days before trying to enter again.

Contractors & Visitors

All Contractors and Visitors are required to:

  • Enter by appointment with a record of the date of entry and exit to the facility
  • Submit to a temperature check and have the bottom of their shoes sanitized
  • All outside visitors/contractors must wear a mask and gloves when in the operations area
  • Instructions are provided at the entry, and throughout the facility to maintain social distancing, and to frequently use hand sanitizer, or to frequently wash hands
  • Contact with other employees within the facility is limited
  • If sitting — the chair and any area of direct contact must be sanitized before and after each use


  • If employees feel sick or have been exposed to someone travelling or sick, they have been advised to stay home and self isolate. All staff that can work from home have been directed to do so until further notice
  • Administration staff have been restricted to their work areas so as not to be in contact with operations staff
  • Access to the facility has been limited to two doors (front and middle door at back of the building)
  • All Employees must submit to a temperature check and the bottom of the shoes sanitized before entry
  • Employees have been instructed on the importance of maintaining social distancing, hand washing, and hand sanitizing; this has been reinforced with frequent reminders in crew safety talks
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been installed in a number of locations within the facility
  • Entry to common areas has been limited
  • Barriers have been installed in work areas, production rooms, and in the lunch room to limit contact
  • Touchless door openers have been installed
  • Additional frequent facility cleaning protocols have been mandated
  • Shifts have been staggered to limit contact
  • Directional areas have been placed on the floor to limit contact and warning signs have been posted to remind staff of protocols
  • Frequent communications and updates with staff

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