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About Us

Fit Foods provides research and development, manufacturing and distribution of nutritional supplements. Fit Foods is the fastest growing manufacturer and distributor of sport nutrition and healthy lifestyle products in the world. Our distribution spans over 70 countries and into many channels including health stores, natural grocers, gyms, sport stores, grocery, pharmacy, mass, convenience and e-tail sites. Fit Foods boasts its own NHP site licensed and certified organic manufacturing facility and also holds an EU registration and a CFIA site manufacturing license for export.

Fit Foods manufactures its own brands — MUTANT, PVL, Whey Gourmet, and North Coast Naturals — and provides distribution solutions to the world offering a wide variety of products ranging from vegan and certified organic to protein powders and bodybuilding weight gainers.

Fit Foods building

Fit Foods Manufacturing and Distribution are located on the Pacific Rim, making shipping nutritional supplements to worldwide destinations very competitive. Our clients range in size and market type. We have helped all types of businesses develop their products to their specifications and regulatory needs. In fact, our formulas are created with International regulatory in mind and are compliant in most markets.

Company Story

Jim McMahonFit Foods Ltd. was founded in 1996 by President and CEO Jim McMahon under the name PVL Nutrients. The company name was changed in 2008 to better represent the company's business. PVL is now one of several brands manufactured by Fit Foods. Fit Foods formulates and manufactures sport nutrition and healthy lifestyle products in Vancouver, British Columbia. The extensive line of protein powders, meal replacements, weight gainers and healthy lifestyle products has earned Fit Foods international recognition for superior tasting, quality products and a leading position in the global market place. Fit Foods brands are distributed worldwide in more than 70 countries from the manufacturing plant in Vancouver and distribution warehouses in Vancouver and Toronto.

Jim McMahon has been in the fitness and health industry his entire adult life. He has written numerous articles and booklets on the subjects of sports, diet and active lifestyle nutrition. He started PVL Nutrients, a Canadian manufacturer/wholesaler of sports and nutrition supplements with a simple purpose — to make existing products better and more affordable to Canadians. He is highly respected within the sports supplement industry.

Fit Foods' outstanding products start with high quality ingredients, quality controlled internally by a team of food technicians. The manufacturing plant operates at the highest standards of GMP and has both a NHP site license and a CFIA food production license. All labeling meets or exceeds the standards set out by the Government of Canada featuring up to date label claims. When you purchase Fit Foods brands you can rest assured that what is on the label is in the product. We expect nothing less from the products we use ourselves and promise nothing less to the customers using our products.

Fit Foods strives to continuously add new technology to our ever-growing line of products. Our goal is to deliver the best tasting, easiest mixing, and most absorbable products available.

Fit Foods is committed to educating people about positive eating behaviors and providing convenient healthy alternatives to fast food. We are dedicated to every individual who wants to be healthier. Clients include Olympic Gold Medalists, professional athletes, and active people all over the world. Our product line is diversified to meet the needs of each individual.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to help people achieve their health and performance goals; to hold ourselves to a high standard and provide a challenging and enjoyable work environment where employees can be proud of working for a competitive Canadian company.

Our mission is to manufacture and distribute quality, category-leading health and performance fit foods and supplements, while being environmentally conscious and financially responsible.

Your Fit Foods™ Supply Team!

These are some of the key Fit Foods™ team members that make your orders flow!
Thank you for your great cooperation, and we wish you the very best of success as always!

— Jim McMahon, Owner & CEO

Jim McMahon

Owner / CEO / CMO

Lucas Lajlo


Brent Baker

Vice President of Global Sales

Giselle Blackman

VP of Human Resources

Marcus Noronha

Director of Systems and Digital Strategies

Steve Campbell

Director of Sales

Chad Jones

Director of Supply Chain

Ian Bell

Director of Brand Strategies

Craig Anderson

US & International Sales Manager

George Pereira

Event Manager

Erin Crowe

International Sales Coordinator

Jackie Nathorst

Accounts Receivable


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